Sunday, April 20, 2008

From Trash to Treasure - Green PC Challenge

I used bits of fabrics from my trash basket (that never gets dumped) to create a multi-colored piece large enough to cut my heart from. I had an old postcard back that I had left from a trade about 2 years ago. I thought it needed some sparkle so I added the crystals which I bought at Quilt Festival in Chicago 3 years ago. I think I could create art for sometime without having to go to the store to purchase more supplies (but what fun would that be?). Actually in the last 2.5 years I have been using supplies that I have had since moving to Michigan, The art supplie stores are very few and far between here. I can't wait to move back to Omaha this summer!

debi kibbee

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Betsy True said...

I love this! It looks like the world in your heart--like the flower is literally saying "Love the Earth!"