Sunday, April 6, 2008

Not finished but so far

Well I was humming right along on my design when disaster struck!! My sewing machine is broken. I was having issues and decided to clean it out, oil etc. When I put everything back together, it didn't fit!! My husband is working on it in his spare time. So I am posting my progress photo.

I had another piece I was working on and trimmed it to size. When I put the scraps on a pile, I noticed that it made a nice little design. I started playing with all the pieces and ended up with this. The brown "fencing" is from my potato bag. I want to add some grasses in the bottom so when my sewing machine is fixed, I will do that, trim to size and add my border.

My inspiration was partly from the scraps and from a recent trip out west.


needlescape said...

Great depth of color and evocation of a scene. Look forward to seeing the finished product.

Gretchen Jolles said...

Reminds me of old fencing in a forgotten corner of pasture.
Very nice!!

Suzanne Freed said...

Very nice! Good luck with getting your machine back in one piece!