Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Sherry Boram - Earthday 2008

Materials: used coffee filter, vintage canceled stamps, part of a vintage 33 1/3 rpm promotional vinyl record, foil, cereal box backing, machine stitched

This little piece of art makes nary a dent in the waste materials I find in my life. It does, however, make me aware of the 'stuff ' around me that impacts the environment in a negative way.

The first Earth Day was Wednesday, April 22, 1970. The following Saturday, my Girl Scout troop and I spent the day cleaning up the local park. This is one of the strongest memories the girls have of scouting, and I believe it set us all on a path to be better Earth citizens.

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Betsy True said...

Sherry, this is wonderful! Great design, wonderful use of materials, great story.