Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Three Green Cards

Happy Earth Day to All! Here are my three postcards that I created for this challenge. They're all made with:
fabric scraps that most normal people throw away
rescued/recycled upholstery fabric
painted batting
a green ribbon from an Amazon.com gift
a mesh plastic bag that used to have limes (it melted on the postcard above, you can see the remnants as a very cool grid-ish pattern on the left side) all on fusible batting scraps.

  • I've really enjoyed seeing what everyone else created for this challenge.
Keep on recycling everyone!

Julie Zaccone Stiller

My blog is: High Fiber Content and here is my
Art website

1 comment:

Betsy True said...

Wow, Julie, you really used some fascinating materials, and integrated them really well. Three postcards, you're really prolific! I don't know which is my favorite. At first I liked the one with the woman, then I liked the bottom one of the three. Great job!