Sunday, April 20, 2008

"Someone To Watch Over Me"

The postcard theme is "Someone To Watch Over Me", meaning we all need to be alert and watchful in protecting our earth's environment.
The background is an image of the eyes of peacock feathers and one pair of human eyes with swarovski crystals, set to "Watch over the earth to help protect". The trim is embellished with tiny flower seeds which is a symbol for re-seeding the earth's forests.
Materials: Cotton from an older shirt; my altered image of peacock feathers printed on the shirt fabric; a drawn picture of the earth enhanced with fabric paint; flower seeds from last year attached with Liquid Stitch
DiMac's Doodles & Heirlooms

SAQA/Regional Rep AL, AR, LA, MS

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Betsy True said...

I love the theme you've used, and you illustrated it beautifully with your card! The card has a mystery about it that draws me in. Great job!